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There is Winning in a Loss

Our beloved son, CJ Harris, Jr. was a sweet soul. He was a kind, super humble kid that just didn’t want to leave others out. He was a star player but wanted no part of the star treatment. He cared less about the worldly things and more about the kids in school who would get picked on. He influenced, inspired his peers, and made a lasting impression on his classmates, teammates, and coaches alike.

CJ was an exceptional 14-year-old. He was an outstanding athlete and influenced the sports world where he played football, baseball, basketball, and track & field. With all the recognized talent, he was invited to participate in the highly prestigious USA Baseball program for two consecutive years.

Still, he remained humble, kind, and a servant to other kids. Although, our son was the most popular kid in school, among his peers and in the sports world, he gravitated to the unpopular kids and made friends with the ones that no one would talk to. He influenced, inspired his peers, and made a lasting impression on his classmates, teammates, and coaches alike.

Our precious son tragically passed away on April 4, 2021, following an accident where he suffered a traumatic head injury. However, even in death, CJ continued to be gallant and selfless by way of donating four vital organs to other people so that they could live. This unselfish act of love was very typical of CJ. He was our precious gem, and our beloved son. We are on this quest as CJ’s parents to share and offer young people, coaches, and parents some of the magic that made CJ who he was in hopes of inspiring others to behave in the same way through programs and services offered through the foundation. As CJ’s parents, Marie Ferdinand-Harris, a former WNBA All-Star and my husband Cedrick Harris, Sr., former professional baseball player, both graduates of Louisiana State University (LSU), where CJ dreamed of attending, we want to help other parents who have suffered a loss or who have children perhaps at risk. We want to share the magical story, the memory and legacy of our son's life. Loosing CJ was a huge human loss, however, as parents we have an opportunity to share the things that made CJ special and continue to share who he was to inspire other children and families. I feel like Mary in the Bible, chosen to share the life of CJ with the world. It is the greatest honor! I have people who come to visit or even through passing who are afraid to even bring up CJ's name because they think it will make me sad, but I love sharing CJ's story. The many people who still come to me in sadness for CJ always leave with a new found level of JOY, new HOPE and more FAITH in Christ. The CJ story always becomes a JESUS STORY! I love every bit of it!

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