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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are there any volunteer opportunities with your foundation?

Answer: Thank you for your interest in volunteering!! There will be many volunteer opportunities in the future for adults and children. Please send an email to if you would like to volunteer.  


Question: I can’t find the answer to my question here, how can I submit my question?

Answer: Please submit your question to the general inquiry email address and we will respond to you promptly.


Question: Why should I donate?

Answer:  The BeLikeCJ Foundation is committed to serving the underserved.  Your donation will help us keep CJ’s legacy alive through those who will directly benefit from our outreach programs, scholarships, and services. 


Question: Who do I contact if I have a question or issue with my donation?

Answer: Please email us at 


Question: Where does the money go when I donate?

Answer: 100% of all donations/funds raise goes toward programs and initiatives to fulfill the mission and vision of the BeLikeCJ Foundation. 


Question: Is there a minimum donation amount?

Answer: There is no minimum donation amount. We sincerely appreciate every dollar that is donated. 


Question: Is my gift tax deductible?

Answer: We are an official 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation with the IRS. Your accountant would be able to give you accurate tax advice when filing your annual taxes.   


Question:  Can I submit a check and mail in my payment?

Answer:  Yes. Checks can be made out to BeLikeCJ Foundation. Mail payment to P.O Box 996, Ashdown, AR 71822.

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